Hypertension Therapy Patch

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Say Goodbye To High Blood Pressure In 1 Month!

Introducing Hypertension Patch, this 100% natural patch will help you NORMALIZES your blood pressure in 1 MONTH!

Why Do You Need This?

Hypertension Patch is clinically proven to help normalize high blood pressure.

It is the perfect solution for heart attack patients, obese patients, smokers, alcoholics, older adults who want to normalize their high blood pressure naturally & effectively!

No one likes to be limited by their high blood pressure and miss out on life's great joys. With this Hypertension Patch, you can once again enjoy time with loved ones, eat everything you want to eat, or just care for your home!

A 100% Natural Solution For You! No Side Effects!

"I bought 60 patches and I am in love with this product. I bought it for my father who is fat and has high blood pressure. After using it for 4 weeks (4 weeks = 1 full treatment), He praised me for buying these patches which balanced his high blood pressure!" -Kyle C.

WEEK 1 - 173/95

WEEK 2 - 160/88

WEEK 3 - 143/85

WEEK 4 - 118/77


How Does It Work?

Effectively & Safely Normalizes Your Blood Pressure In 1 Month! But How?

A medical breakthrough developed by ICTM for hypertension focuses on regulating your heart output effectively. 

It expands your blood vessel which reduces blood flow resistance, thus lowering your heart rate as it does not need to work as hard to circulate blood throughout the body.

By reducing the blood flow resistance and reducing heat output.

 Normalize blood pressure 

 Stabilize heart rate 

 Reconstruct elasticity of blood vessels

 Increase oxygen flow to the brain

 Improve overall condition

 Alleviates fatigue & headaches

 Normalizes blood circulation

 No pill consumption

 Helps with vertigo

How To Use?

1. Clean the surrounding area with a moist towel.

2. Gently remove the protective film.

3. Stick patch at the bottom of the feet or above the navel for a minimum of 8 hours.

Recommended Usage?

2 patches daily for a minimum of 8 hours. 

For best results, use daily for 1 month. (60 patches)

Package Includes?

1 box of Hypertension Patch, 6 pieces.

What is the full ingredients list?

Bamboo Vinegar - Also known as chikusaku, is a liquid that forms during the process of producing bamboo charcoal.

Apocynum Venetum - Commonly known as the sword-leaf dogbane, is a plant species of the dogbane family. It has been used as a source of fiber mëdicine and nectar production for honey. Apocynum venetum leaves have been used in the traditional medicine for hypertension treatment. It is a great anxiety-reducing agent

Gatrodia Elata - Used as a traditional herbal medicine for improving symptoms of headache, convulsions, high blood prëssure, high cholësterol, and constipation.

Semen Cassiae - Also called Jue Ming Zi has a positive effect on the prevention of various eye disëases, high blood pressure, and high cholësterol.

Far Infrared Powder - Speeds up your metabolism and increases biological activity.

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