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Each Mini Neck Savior can give either a strong or light stretch.

Stretching reduces the pressure from the joints, discs and opens the space around the nerves. It also helps stretch the muscles and ligaments as well as increasing blood flow.

Up to three times a day.

*Please note: Your therapist may guide you specifically in relation to any specific condition you may have.

For a maximum of 15-20 minutes. We recommend you build up use starting at 2 minutes and increasing by 1 minute per day.
*Please note: Your therapist may guide you specifically in relation to any specific condition you may have

It depends on what exercise! Some Pilates and yoga based exercises are ideal, it will give some stretches a whole new dimension!

Just 2ozs or 75 grams

It is 25.5cm x 16.5cm x 4cm

This depends on the severity of your condition. Atlanto-occipital and Atlanto-axial subluxation as a result of rheumatoid arthritis may be contraindicated (as it would be for all stretching). If you have rheumatoid arthritis you may want to try Mini Neck Savior under the guidance of your therapist or specialist.

It is made from the latest skin friendly, durable foams.

Mini Neck Savior has been designed to be used in the supine (lying on back) position to achieve maximum relaxation and stretch. You can use Mini Neck Savior in a reclined position but relaxation and stretch may be reduced.

Absolutely! Mini Neck Savior is so light and portable it is ideal for taking with you wherever you go. Take Mini Neck Savior on holiday, to the park, gym, exercise classes, beach or even the office.

Whenever you feel like it. This may be when you have neck pain or a headache or feel them developing. You can also use Mini Neck Savior as part of a maintenance programme to reduce neck pain/problems and headaches. Mini Neck Savior is also ideal for undoing the effects of gravity and poor working postures or after exercise.This is particularly true after certain sports such as cycling or rowing where the head and neck can be in positions of relative extension for long periods.

Neck problems in children are thankfully rare. Mini Neck Savior may be suitable but it will very much depend on the age/size/weight of the child and their specific condition. You may want to try Mini Neck Savior under the guidance of your therapist or specialist.

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