About Us

Here at Mr Spinecare, we uphold our main goal of providing quality products that aim to provide customers with the relief that they need in order to be their best selves. With a diverse global team leading the journey towards innovative solutions, we work to always provide the best customer service through collaborative relationships in our company and with our clients.

We understand the essence of productivity in our modern world, and we recognize the problems that it entails. We aim to create positive solutions for such, and therefore amplify ripples of goodwill in our communities by expanding our customers’ productivity rate, through easing the burden that they have to bear.

We create essential and sustainable products and make sure that we uphold our mission with the utmost integrity.

Product innovation is what got us here today. Hypertension Laser Therapy Watch has been around for a long time, there are a lot of companies making them, but we were able to disrupt the category by coming in with an objectively better-designed product that serves the customer better. Thus, product innovation is something that we will continue to focus on and invest in.

Beyond product innovation, branding, being clear with our messaging, and creating emotional connections with our customers are important to separate ourselves from the competitors. Over time, even the most innovative products will get copied and commoditized, so our focus is no longer ONLY on "making the best, affordable hypertension device", but also on developing a product portfolio that will help "create the best sleep experience" for our customers.


Customers are our #1 priority, and that is seen through inquiries in our social media accounts regarding distribution and reselling, ensuring YOU, that our company and the services and products we provide are of utmost quality and serves its purpose.

We are based in

1341 Galaxy Way Ste G Concord CA 9452

Connect with us, visit our website, or email us through mrspinecare@gmail.com