FreshLock Pro™

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Seal for Freshness
Seal the Yum with a Press and a Pop!

Imagine you could keep your snacks as fresh and crunchy as the day you opened them, with just a little hug from a cool gadget! That's what our Electric Mason Jar Vacuum Sealer does. It's like a magic hat for your jars – you put it on top, press a button, and hear a 'pop'! That pop is the secret to keeping everything yummy for longer.

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Easy-Peasy for Everyone!

You don't have to be super strong or big to use it – even if you're 81 or 10, it's a piece of cake! It works on all kinds of jars, so whether you're saving your favorite pickles or making a jar of cookies for your secret stash, it's got you covered.


Reutilize Lids with Assurance!

Keep Your Sealed Lids! Our exclusive Lid Opener allows you to effortlessly unseal and reseal your jars. Available at no extra cost for a brief period (A $5.99 value)


Listen for the ‘Pop’!

When you press the button, wait for the little 'pop' sound. That’s the magic moment when your food gets locked away from all the air, keeping it super fresh!


Say Goodbye to Complex Sealers

FreshLock Pro™, with its compact and cordless design, effortlessly vacuum seals your mason jars and neatly fits in your drawer.


Fits Right in Your Drawer

The FreshLock Pro makes saving food easy without taking up all your space. It's small enough to slide into a drawer, ready whenever you need it, without cluttering your kitchen.